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Sponsoring the education of children in Ethiopia.

The trust raises funds to support the education of pupils in need in two schools outside the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. It also provides resources for the schools and teacher training for the staff.


Our Background

How We Got Our Start

Ethiopia has education high on its list of priorities and schools are established throughout this ancient land where over one hundred languages are spoken. With scarce resouces schools often have to work a shift system with half the children coming in the early morning and the others having school from afternoon to early evening, and there can be between sixty and ninety in a class.

The Rispin schools are non-profit making fee-paying schools providing good quality education to small classes from nursery to sixth form level. This charity pays the fees for pupils from poor backgrounds selected by ability or acute need, such as those fleeing from persecution or war.

Martin McCluney  Chair Cruwys Global Trust

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Cruwys Global Trust Services

Delivering school furniture, equipment and materials

Online Shopping

Sponsor a child in need

Sponsor equipment and books

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Will you sponsor a child's pens and pencils? £5 a year.
Could you provide their uniform? £15 a year.
School lunch?  £50 a year.
Would you pay your named pupil's fees for a year? £500 (£400 plus £100 gift Aid)?
You could be helping a child to teach, read the law or medicine or become an engineer and help this wonderful country to a brighter future.

Please email Martin McCluney at martin@cruwysglobaltrust.com


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